The New Earth reality is now available to ALL who have chosen to align with this expansive frequency. Our work will now expand to serve the needs of those who have made this decision at SOUL level. Events will now unfold in your waking human life experience to show you the decision that has been made by your SOUL.

We fully support ALL who have made the decision to MOVE TO the New Earth in TRUTH and work will now commence in order to expand the information across all of our websites as listed below. Copyright remains with Karen Dover at all times and must be referenced when quoting any text from any of the websites including the TRUTH CODES blog.

Whispering Universe
Crystalline Sanctuary

Due to relocating I will be unavailable for one to one sessions/appointments from 20th April 2014. If you require an appt/session please email me to discuss availability.


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"LOVE is the answer, no matter the question"
(C) Karen Dover

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Beyond the Looking Glass Radio Show– LIVE Wednesdays 7 – 8 pm (est) USA

Beyond the Looking Glass Radio Show - Repeat Thursdays 7 - 8pm (est) USA

With author and channel Karen Dover. Known for her TRUTH CODES blog and her work on how to move out of the containment of the old 3D earth created reality, join Karen as she explains how to create a new life in a new world on planet earth. Humanity is now moving through the long awaited ascension process, how do you create a new life in a world that appears to be on the edge of destruction? Join Karen and find out.

"BEing the bridge between dimensions, a mirror for YOUr SOULs purpose"